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Since 1995, the Lion Salt Works Trustees has issued a newsletter on the Lion Salt Works, history and local, national and international salt-related issues. This helped our members keep pace with developments to save and protect the Lion Salt Works site and later to update them on progress with the restoration. In the past few years

The distinctively-named ‘Mundling Stick’ is named for the paddle-like instrument used to compress the wet salt into salt tubs prior to being turned out in the Hot House. We are currently looking for a new member to breathe life into this twice-yearly newsletter.

Lion Salt Work Trust Publications

The following publications give additional information about the Lion Salt Works and open-pan, salt-making in Cheshire

Salt Around the World by Martin Boyett – A look into the necessity of salt for life and how it’s used around the world

The Open Pan

The Archaeology and History of the Lion Salt Works

Written by Chris Hewitson

Lion Salt Works Trust Monograph No.6:  ISBN 978-0-9932835-0-5

Published by West Cheshire Museums 2015

This book was published as part of the restoration of the Lion Salt Works and its conversion to a museum. It is the definitive account of the Works, its historical context, and the restoration project.

Open Pan Salt Making in Cheshire

An Illustrated description by Tom Lightfoot, edited by Annelise Fielding

Lion Salt Works Trust Research Report No.1:  ISBN 0-9538502-1-8

September 2000

Tom Lightfoot worked in the salt industry for 48 years. This is his personal memoir, describing the tools and practices of traditional open pan salt making. It is copiously illustrated with his own drawings, and is a unique account of day to day working life in the industry.

Salt Works and Salinas

The Archaeology, Conservation and Recovery of Salt Making Sites and their Processes.  Edited by Annelise M. Fielding and Andrew P. Fielding

Lion Salt Works Trust Research Report No. 2: ISBN 0-953-8502-2-6

April 2005

This research report comprises the proceedings of a conference held by the Lion Salt Works Trust in September 2003. It contains fascinating accounts of historic salt making in the UK, Germany, Spain, France, Denmark and the USA.

Salt Tellers

Bringing Memories to Life

Written by Robert Meadows, Directed by Jim Johnson. Edited by Andrew P. Fielding.

Lion Salt Works Trust Research Report No. 3: ISBN 0-9538502-3-4

August 2005

This is the book of a community play, performed in two halves, one half at the Lion Salt Works, the other at the Anderton Boat Lift. The play is based on the memories of people living and working in the open pan salt industry of Northwich, and on the Trent and Mersey Canal and the River Weaver.


A World Beneath our Feet. Edited by Andrew P. Fielding and Robert Meadows

Lion Salt Works Trust Research Report No. 4:  ISBN 978-0-9538502-4-2

November 2007

This follows on from ‘Salt Tellers’. It is an interpretation of the effects of rock salt mining and wild brine pumping. It is told through a fantastic journey made by Emma, who finds herself trapped in a disturbing world of stories told by her grandfather.

Other independent publications about salt by salt expert, Andrew Fielding, the latter with mentions of the Lion Salt Works

Saltcote No.7

Spanish salt newsletter, El Alfoli  from IPAISAL

Fascinating stories from the Archives

And if you are wondering about the strange picture at the top of this page – please read the fascinating story of the Human Pipe Cleaner, one of a series of enthralling stories on salt and the Lion Salt Works contained within our Archive. Here you will also find stories about the myths and legends of salt ; royalty and glittering ball rooms and the cut-throat world of salt, including real-life tales of espionage and skulduggery. All these fascinating stories have been researched by our members and are in our Archives.